The April Fund

The initial April Fund, created in 1995 by a New York rescue group, assisted in the handling of puppy mill dogs. The fund’s namesake, April, with her nine two-week old puppies, was removed from a puppy mill. Only two of her puppies survived, but April lived happily to the age of 16 years with her loving adoptive family.

The April Fund was incorporated into the Golden Retriever Foundation®  in the summer of 2000. It reimburses rescue groups for extraordinary veterinary expenses. Many rescued Goldens are taken in with major medical problems that drain the financial resources of the rescue groups. The April Fund rescues the rescuers.

When the founding group disbanded, they donated the remaining $3,000 to the GRF for medical expenses associated with puppy-mill rescues. The GRF expanded that purpose to include all rescued dogs and added additional money to the fund to cover what the Board thought would be needed relief for Rescue groups. Statistics indicate that 60% or more of a Rescue group’s expenses are medical.

    • Surgery, and expenses associated with the surgery, which exceed $250
    • X-rays, ultrasound, and other diagnostic procedures which exceed $250
    • Medications prescribed as treatment for a specific illness which exceed $250
    • A single vet visit for an individual dog for which the bill exceeds $250
    • Any vet expenses up to $800 per dog for dogs rescued from puppy mills, no minimum
    • Boarding, unless it is short hospitalization associated with a medical procedure
    • Spay/neuter surgery unless done in conjunction with another eligible surgical procedure
    • Normal veterinary visits, routine inoculations, or basic health care, except for puppy mill rescues
    • Repeated veterinary visits that gradually add up to the $250 threshold
  • Grants are made only to recognized rescue organizations for dogs under their care, not to individual owners or foster homes. Any of the following items on file with the GRF or with GRCA CARE Committee (GCC) will satisfy the Foundation’s accountability requirements:

    • A copy of the rescue group’s current IRS 990 form
    • A current, completed GRF Rescue Group Grant Application
    • Participation in the most current GCC rescue group survey

    To maintain the integrity of the program, the GRF will expect rescue programs seeking GRF support to have participated in the GRCA CARE Committee’s Annual Survey, to submit a copy of that survey with their grant request, or to authorize the GRF to obtain a copy of the submitted survey from the GCC. For new organizations not functioning during the previous survey year, GRF expects these organizations to be known to the GCC and to be listed on the State Listings of Rescue Programs. This will be verified with the GCC.

    Please remember that the purpose of the April Fund is to offset exceptional medical expenses, not to pay the ordinary vet costs that are incurred with each rescue. Groups are asked to monitor their own requests with this in mind. If you have questions concerning your application, contact the Foundation directly by e-mailing, writing or calling any of the directors.

  • The April Fund of the Golden Retriever Foundation® is intended to help rescue groups defray veterinary expenses for an individual purebred golden retriever due to a single, extraordinary treatment or procedure. It is also used to assist groups with veterinary costs when they suffer a sudden influx of dogs from a puppy mill. It is designed to help rescue groups deal with abnormal situations, not as a subsidy for routine health care of rescued dogs.

    The turn around time once the request is received is approximately one month.

    • The minimum amount granted per dog is $250. If the dog is from a puppy mill, this minimum is waived. The maximum award per dog per year is $800.

    • No requests will be considered for expenses incurred more than six (6) months prior to the date the
      application is received by the Golden Retriever Foundation®.

    • Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

    • There is a $8,000 cap on the amount which any one rescue group may receive annually from the April Fund.
      This cap may be waived in emergency situations.

    The April Fund is supported by direct contributions, augmented by funds from rescue contributions to the GRF.  The directors strive to make an equitable distribution of the available resources among rescue groups, but they may find it necessary at times to deny otherwise qualified applications because of a lack of immediate funds.

    Fill out the April Fund Grant Application, send the completed application to the GRF with a copy of the paid vet bill and a full body photo. Please note: bills may be dated no more than six months from the date of the application. GRF reimbursement will be sent in approximately 30 days if application meets established criteria.

The April Fund Grant Request

1. Grant Information

Applicant Information

2. Contact Person (NOT a Voicemail)

Same Address as Business/Organization
Supporting Documentation is Required
Add Contact

Please provide any other details that you feel may be important

This request will be processed.  


After GRF receives, and enters your application, you will receive a Grant ID by email.  This make take a few days.  Once you have your ID# upload your supporting documentation to  

Put in your ID # and your last name or the dog's name to send us the documents.  We accept .pdf, .jpeg, word

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