The Rescue Funds

Golden Retrievers, known for their gentle temperament and unwavering loyalty, often find themselves facing unfortunate circumstances. Whether it's due to changing family dynamics, financial difficulties, or unforeseen emergencies, these beloved companions can end up in shelters or worse.


The tireless efforts of Golden Retriever Rescue organizations serve as a beacon of hope for thousands of displaced Goldens each year. Their unwavering commitment to providing a safe haven, medical care, and a loving family is a testament to the extraordinary capacity for compassion within our society. As we reflect on the invaluable work of these organizations, let us be inspired to support and celebrate their endeavors in any way we can, ensuring that every Golden Retriever in need finds their place in a loving home.

  • The April Fund

    The April Fund of the Golden Retriever FoundationĀ® is intended to help rescue groups defray veterinary expenses for an individual purebred golden retriever due to a single, extraordinary treatment or procedure.
  • The Cotton Fund

    The Cotton Fund assists Golden Retriever Rescue programs affiliated with the GRCA CARE Committee in the transport of Golden Retrievers between two programs; or from a Golden Retriever Rescue program to a certified facility for the training of service or search and rescue dogs.
  • Golden Retriever Rescue Fund

    The GRF provides special grants to rescue groups for specific organizational purposes. These Rescue Fund Grants differ from the April Fund in that they are intended to increase the efficiency and infrastructure of a rescue group to allow it to thrive, rather than paying for individual case expenses.
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