The General Fund

Are you ready to make a real difference in the lives of our beloved furry friends? Here's your chance to be a hero for those who can't speak for themselves by contributing to the General Fund.


The General Fund acts as a lifeline for all those adorable Golden Retrievers we hold so dear. Your donation will be directed to where it's needed the most. From medical treatments to rescue and transport, your contribution plays a pivotal role in transforming their lives.


But that's not all!  Your support also fuels groundbreaking research on the various health issues that our Golden Retrievers face. Together, we can fund special projects and studies that lead to innovative treatments and cures, giving these furry members of our families the chance to live their lives to the fullest.

Whether it's a few dollars or a more substantial amount, every penny counts! Your kindness is a beacon of hope that radiates far beyond monetary value. Join our mission and let your compassion shine through because every Golden Retriever deserves a life filled with tail-wagging, belly rubs, and endless love.

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Thank you for being a friend to our Golden Retrievers and for helping us make their world a healthier, happier place. Your generosity knows no bounds!

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