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The Golden Retriever Foundation® extends its heartfelt gratitude to the generous donors who have chosen to name the foundation as a beneficiary of their estate plan, retirement account, or insurance policy. This act of benevolence showcases a profound commitment to the well-being of Golden Retrievers and their continued welfare. These donors are being duly recognized for their exceptional generosity, which will leave a lasting impact on the foundation's mission. By directing their contributions to the general fund through a legacy gift, donors ensure that their support is allocated where it is needed most. This encompasses vital areas such as research aimed at addressing the diverse range of health issues that affect Golden Retrievers, ultimately fostering a healthier and happier future for this beloved breed. The Golden Retriever Foundation® remains deeply appreciative of the enduring legacy these donors are creating for the Golden Retriever community.

Thank You for Your Legacy Gift

  • John and Carolyn Cotter
  • Being devloped

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