• Our Mission

    RESEARCH to further understand the diseases and genetic disorders that afflict all dogs and Golden Retrievers in particular.

    RESCUE to foster and promote the rehabilitation and placement of displaced Golden Retrievers into permanent homes.

    EDUCATION to promote and assist with educational materials about Golden Retrievers.

  • Rachel Page Elliott Education Fund

    The education fund is dedicated to advancing knowledge that safeguards the health, well-being, and overall integrity of not only the Golden Retriever breed but all canine companions. It supports research, disseminates crucial information, and fosters a community committed to canine welfare. 

  • The Cotton Fund

    The Cotton Fund provides reimbursement to rescue programs for the transport of senior dogs and some special circumstances dogs from one area of the country to another.
  • Golden Retriever Rescue Fund

    The GR Rescue Fund is in infrastructure fund for rescue groups for specific organizational purposes.
  • The Zeke Cancer Fund

    Zeke cancer Fund is one of our largest funds and targets canine cancer research. 

  • The April Fund

    The April Fund assists rescue groups defray veterinary expenses incurred by individual rescued Golden Retrievers or puppy mill rescues needing extraordinary treatment or procedures.

  • The General Fund

    The General Fund supports all our grants for research, rescue and education, and general operating expenses.
How You Can Help!
  • If you’ve ever held a Golden puppy, shared a special Golden moment, gone for a walk with your Golden companion, been touched by a sweet sugar faced Golden oldie, you should be a GRF supporter! 
  • If your life has been enriched by the presence of a wonderful dog in whose honor, or in whose memory, we ask that you contribute to the Golden Retriever Foundation®
  • As a breeder, consider donating a certain amount per puppy sold, per stud fee, per show or performance test win.

Our Impact

  • $ 1,295,866
    General Health
  • $ 3,039,826
    Zeke Cancer Fund
  • $ 160,940
    Education Fund
  • $ 2,389,123
    April, Cotton & Rescue Fund

Our Partners

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