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Below you will find links to detailed explanations of the Rescue, Education and Research funds along with what the guidelines are for each fund, and how to apply for grants. Our goal is to assure that senior silver-faced Goldens; victims of cruelty in puppy mills; and special needs dogs are not put down just because it may take longer to find them permanent homes.

  • General

    The foundation maintains a general fund that allows it to allocate resources to various initiatives and emergency situations as needed. This fund provides flexibility to respond to emerging needs and ensures that the foundation can adapt its grant programs to address evolving challenges in the golden retriever community.

  • Rescue

    The foundation offers grants to rescue organizations that work tirelessly to save and rehabilitate golden retrievers in need. These grants assist in covering the costs associated with medical care, shelter, and placement services, ensuring that rescued golden retrievers receive the care and attention they deserve. 

  • Education

    Education grants are provided to organizations and institutions that develop and implement programs aimed at educating the public about responsible dog ownership, breed-specific information, and training techniques.

  • Research

    The foundation acknowledges the devastating impact of cancer on golden retrievers and their owners. To combat this disease, the foundation provides grants for research projects focused on understanding the causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer in golden retrievers.

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