Car Donations

Perhaps you have experienced the humiliation of taking your trusty chariot (dog hair and crates removed) to the car dealership, hoping to realize a sizeable trade-in toward new wheels. Your dreams shatter when you receive an insulting offer on Old Faithful, implying that the lingering odor of “eau de chien” and high mileage are not features that dealers are seeking. Imagine! Well, now there is another solution! With one phone call, you can get a tax write-off for your vehicle, free removal of the car, and the personal satisfaction of helping the worthwhile programs that benefit the dogs we love!


Here’s how it works! Either call 866-628-2277 or go to the website and find the Golden Retriever Foundation® on the list of charities for the state in which you live. The program operates in most major cities across the country. Certain restrictions apply.

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