The Golden Retriever Foundation® funds activities that promote and assist the development, publication and dissemination of educational materials about the proper care, treatment, breeding, health, development and training of Golden Retrievers.

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Rachel Page Elliott Educational Fund


Rachel Page Elliott, author of Dogsteps, champion of sound structure in motion, and mentor to lovers of Golden Retrievers and dogs of every breed, walked into the Gala event of the 2005 National Specialty, never guessing anything was afoot. About 1,000 of her friends and colleagues had kept the secret regarding the establishment of the Rachel Page Elliott Educational Fund.

The fund started with an idea from Betty Gay and Marcia Schlehr, judges, long-time GRCA members, multiple-term Board members, and leaders in breed education. The GRCA Board embraced the idea and proposed the fund to the GRF, pledging $5,000 of the $25,000 needed to launch it. In just a few months, a quiet fundraising effort headed by Joy Viola, GRF Director of Development, raised the remaining $20,000.

The next challenge was figuring out how to get Pagey to the Gala without spilling the secret. Did she become suspicious when her friends and family coaxed her from her home in MA to the National in Gettysburg, PA?


“Well, no, I really didn’t,” she said. “I couldn’t believe I was being urged to go because I thought, what else could they do? They’ve already honored me every way they could. I decided they wanted me there because the Red Dog Challenge was such a big deal and they wanted my presence.”

Humble throughout her illustrious career, Pagey, as she was known to those in the fancy, gave to the breed tirelessly throughout her life.

Donate to The Education Fund

The Rachel Page Elliott Educational Fund exists now to continue the mission to which Pagey was committed: building knowledge that will preserve the health, welfare, and integrity of the Golden Retriever and all canines. The Golden Retriever Foundation® is actively interested in RPE Educational Fund grant proposals in the area of education, whether it is for a project that would teach the public about the care and training of Golden Retrievers; Golden breeders about genetic health concerns; judges about the finer points of the breed standard; or education or veterinary care professionals who will carry new knowledge into their practice, benefiting our breed far into the future.


To apply for a Rachel Page Elliott Educational Grant: send a narrative proposal, including the audience of the project, funding needs, expense projections, and intended outcomes to the GRF. The primary purpose of the grant must be to provide education about Golden


Example's of projects GRF has funded

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Donate to The Rachel Page Elliott fund

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Examples of Education Projects Funded by the GRF

  • GRCA CARE Committee brochure

    The Golden Retriever Foundation® has funded the publication of 20,000 educational brochures on the subject of Golden Retriever Rescue...More

  • Color Me Golden Coloring Book

    Among the Foundation’s educational ventures was the development and publication of the Color Me Golden coloring book, a learning tool for young children.
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GRF Funds GRCA CARE Committee brochure:

  •  The brochures were written and designed by members of the GRCA CARE Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America. Copies are being distributed to approximately 100 Golden Retriever Rescue groups operating across the country for distribution on their local areas. The brochure addresses such questions as “Rescued Golden Retrievers? Why Do They Need Rescuing?" as well as information about Rescue alternatives, the costs involved, how a volunteer can help and how to find a Rescue program in your area.
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OFA Eye Registrations for Golden Retrievers 8 years and older

  • With the designation of Pigmentary Uveitis (PU) as a very serious hereditary disorder in Golden Retrievers and the realization that most dogs with this serious condition will not present with the disease until after many are no longer being bred, the recommendation is to check dogs annually for life. Additionally, since PU is such a serious and painful disease, we want to encourage everyone with older dogs to get them checked even if they have never been used in a breeding program. Paying for the OFA registration is our way to encourage and support this effort. It is understood that all dogs will be included in the public database, so the owner must agree to result being published. Let's all work together to help reduce the occurrence of this painful eye disease.

    When you submit your eye clearance to OFA, the date of birth will exempt the senior from the registration fee.  OFA does not require eye vouchers for seniors.

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